Monday, 21 November 2016

Another week of owls and harriers

It's been another good week for owls and harriers and although in general the views were distant I have had some amazing experiences.  Just to stand and watch half a dozen short eared and two barn owls in the air at the same time with a couple of hen harriers thrown in as well is an experience on its own.

Barn Owl 
One of two hunting in the evening light.

Short Eared Owl
I had one of these circling above me and eyeing me up as I sat on the river bank.

Hen Harrier
Distant but great to see.

Little Owl
Always a treat to see these.

I nearly ran this over as it was sat in the road having a bath and had to break hard to avoid it.
Despite this it calmly finished its bath before flying up to a nearby tree where I took this shot.

All in all not a bad week.

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