Monday, 11 January 2016

Owls and Kestrels on the first sunny day of the year

Yesterday was a good day down by the Humber at Stone Creek especially for owls and kestrels.
I had already seen a Little Owl on the journey there and was pleased to see that there were three shorties near to the Creek, along with passing Marsh Harriers and the usual number of Fieldfare.

Short Eared Owl

 This Kestrel dived on to its prey in front of me as I set off 
home and proceeded to eat it in the middle of the road.

 After finishing its meal it then hovered at the side of the car 
giving me great views. Unfortunately by then the light was fading.

 This shot well demonstrates how well they can keep their head 
motionless whilst their wings are flapping away as they hover - amazing!

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